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Off Site Backup
Ease of Mind Secure Off Site Backup Solution

(Starting at) 19.95

Comparing My Off-Site Backup to Other Online Storage Services
If you're in the market for online storage or backup you've probably noticed there are a lot of services out there. My Backup has a unique approach to online storage that a lot of people like. This page highlights some of the unique benefits of my backup that you're unlikely to find with other services.

My Off-Site Backup is more than just backup
Most online backup services can only be used for basic backup. You select the files you want to backup and if you need to restore, you use their proprietary software or web page to select the files to restore, often waiting several minutes or hours before you can access your files.
My backup has a great automatic backup system, and can easily be used for basic data backup, but my backup also gives you a complete network drive that you can use from multiple machines - like an unlimited size USB drive that you can connect to from anywhere. The exclusive caching features in my backup make it so that using your network drive is as fast as a local drive, and you don't need to constantly transfer data from the server.

This also allows you to use your favorite 3rd party backup tool such as ChronoSync, SyncBack, or rsync to manage your data if you prefer - something no other online backup service offers.

No restrictions on what or how much you backup
Other online backup services place restrictions on what type of files you can backup or how much data you can backup in a period of time. In some cases you may not be able to backup your program files, large media, or system files. Even services that offer "unlimited" backup typically have restrictions on "reasonable" usage or reserve the right to terminate your service at any time with no reason. With my off-site backup, your storage truly is unlimited. Our model ensures that you can never outgrow the service or become a burden.

Use My Off-Site Backup for backup, archival, or both
The backup features offered by many popular services will only backup data on your local drives, and if you delete the data they will remove it from your backup automatically (typically after 30-60 days). This means that you can't archive your files to the service to free up local space. Got a bunch of old movies you'd like to keep but are filling your drive? Or a directory with old documents you'd like to clean up, but keep copies just in case? With my secure backup you can safely archive your data and have access to it anytime you need it in the future, depending on your own settings.

My Off-Site Backup supports Mac, Windows, and Linux
The Backup software is cross platform, which is important even if you only use one operating system today. Your data may live online for years, and it's important that you be able to access it from any future platform as well. You'll also find that the Mac and Linux versions are not "second class citizens", as with other backup services. We support the same feature set across all three versions and release upgrades simultaneously.

Your data is YOUR data
My Backup is the only online storage service where the application is de-coupled from the storage and you "own" your own data. When you use my backup, your files are stored on servers using S3, an open web-service based API. Access to your data on S3 is restricted at all times by a AWS Secret Key. You can choose a custom encryption key so that all of your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer, and stays encrypted while stored.
My Backup's unique model means that the software and service will keep functioning, even if My Company, Inc. were to go away.

At the end of the day, who can you trust with your data?

Q: What if we already have a tape backup system?
Using a tape backup system and a remote backup system offers the best of both worlds. Critical files, like billing, customer contact files and databases can be kept on the remote backup system while the tape system can be used to create a full backup of the entire system once or twice a month instead of on a daily basis. The tapes and drive will have less wear and tear, lasting longer and requiring less maintenance. The remote backup system can provide a quick and easy way to retrieve critical files and databases without the hassle of searching through tapes.

Q: How long will a remote backup take?
Offices with high-speed internet connections should find this service comparable with tape drives after the initial backup. The initial backup can take several hours to a couple of days to complete. The nice thing about this software is the fact you can continue working while it is backing up with minimal interference.

Q: Onsite, Offsite - What's The Difference?
Basically, remote backups work like regular tape backups, with one important difference. Instead of sending backups to a tape drive or other media attached to the computer being backed up, a remote backup sends encrypted file data over the internet to a computer file storage system safely off-site.
This usually happens at night while your business is closed and nobody is using the computers. It's completely automatic. In fact, you may forget it's working every night.

Q: Why Are Remote Backups Considered More Beneficial?
The data is immediately stored off-site using an automated backup system. Also, only an internet connection is needed. Completely eliminating the need for expensive backup equipment and media. And, since the system is automated, manual labor is eliminated.

Q: What is encryption?
Encryption is basically a mathematical formula that scrambles a data file. And the only way to unscramble it is with the encryption code.

Q: How are my files encrypted with my secure backup?
My Backup encrypts files that are stored on S3 using 256-bit AES. AES is an industry (and government) standard and is one of the most well studied and most secure encryption algorithms available. It uses a unique key for each file, and constructs the key using a HMAC that helps protect against certain attacks. The master key is based on a password you choose.

Q: What is the maximum file size that can be stored?
My Off-Site Backup limits individual files to 5GB in size. There is no limit to the total number or size of files stored on the service. Note that "Package" files on the Mac, such as Aperture vaults or iPhoto libraries are actually directories made up of many files. The 5GB limit does not apply to the total package size, which can be virtually unlimited.

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